Can I order beer online?  Yes! We now offer beer delivery to California ONLY through our online shop.

Do I need a valid ID to order beer?  Yes! The person delivering your beer will check your ID to confirm you are 21+.

Do I need to be available in person to accept my delivery?  Yes! Packages CANNOT be delivered if left unattended. Please plan to be available to accept your delivery!

Can I return my beer if it was damaged in route or has a quality issue?  We want you to have the best quality product and experience when ordering our beer online. Please email us at so we can make it right!

When can I expect my order to be delivered?  Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your package to be delivered.

How do I pause or cancel my Wings & Arrow Club membership?   If you would like to put your deliveries on pause or cancel altogether, please fill out our Wings & Arrow Club Inquiry Form

Memberships must be paused or canceled by the first of a DELIVERY MONTH to not receive the next shipment. Example: I want to pause or cancel before the January delivery. You must pause or cancel on or before December 31st.

Please email us at for any additional questions or concerns.